Tribest Slowstar Review: Should You Go For It!

If you are looking for a cold press juicer that masticates well and has the best auger, this Tribest Slowstar Review post on a decent masticating juicer is the unit you are looking for. It has a slow process with a rotating speed of 47 RPM, but with a high torque power. Mincing attachments are present with the unit making the unit multi-functional.

The mincer and juicer make this product a 2 in 1 unit so that you get the most out of your food and thus provides you with the optimum efficiency. The Tribest Slowstar features a duo blade double-edged auger. With all these great features, no wonder the Tribest juicer we went through, state it to be a top-notch product.

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Features of Tribest Slowstar: 

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The rotating speed of this unit is 47 RPM. This may be a slow speed but this keeps the juice fresh for a longer time. The juice, due to not be stirred vigorously, tastes better and fresher and also retains the nutrition it initially possessed. Other products on the market use centrifugal force to extract the juice. They spin the juice at such a high speed that the juice oxidizes even before it is properly produced. Therefore, high-speed juicing can actually be harmful to you. Bearing that in mind, the Tribest Slowstar, as its name suggests, slowly presses and squeezes the food sample to extract the juice for you. Thus you get every bit of nutrient your food has to offer. This slow process also preserves your juice for longer. The juice yield increases by 30-40% which means you can store it in your freezer for a longer time. Many of the Tribest Slowstar Reviews we read praised the unit for this feature.


This unit also features a duo blade double edged auger. It is also composed of high quality, BPA free plastic Ultem. Thus the product is also more durable than others. We all hope for a product that lasts, don’t we? For each revolution, there are 2 cutting edges. This assures the user to have less manual labor while preparing the food sample. This also makes the process faster, allowing you to save valuable time. No wonder the Tribest Slowstar were glad of this product.


Other juicers usually do not provide the users with a mincing attachment. Therefore users have to manually cut their food. This can be a hassle if you are not well organized. The unit is a 2 in 1 unit as it is both a mincer and a juicer. The juicer can easily be converted to a mincer by changing the top attachment. This mincing tool has earned a lot of appreciation as per the Tribest Slowstar Reviews we read.


The motor inside the unit is very powerful. It is equivalent to the torque of a 9HP motor. This generates enough power to cut through hard vegetables and also prevents the system from being jammed. Even if you fail to cut your vegetables into small pieces properly, this beast will power through them with sheer brute force. This was one of the main reasons many people bought this product, as per their Tribest Slowstar, because this helps them save time.


The juicer is composed of high quality, BPA free plastics, which are stain resistant. This guarantees the buyers of the longevity of the product. The stainless feature means green or other colorful fruits and vegetables will fail to leave their marks on the unit.


A pulp wiping is present in the auger house which prevents pulp buildup within. They are kept at bay with the juice and only mixed when the juice is to be expelled out. This ensures further proper grinding of the juice.


The unit comes with a juice cap. This allows you to open or close the end of the juice spout. When you want your juice to flow up the container or want to mix anything or switch containers, open the cap. Close it to prevent drips or leakage.


  • Low speed – 47 RPM
  • Duo blade Double-Edged Auger
  • Mincing attachment present
  • 3 stage process for speed reduction gears
  • High torque power
  • Can cut huge chunks of vegetables
  • Has stainless parts
  • Juice cap present


  • Pulp present
  • Plastic may crack
  • Heavy
  • Noisy
  • Motor may heat up quickly

FAQs about Tribest Slowstar:

Can you put nuts in this?
– Yes.

How well does it juice spinach?
– Not so great.

Where is it manufactured in?
– South Korea.

How high is the juicer when fully assembled?
– About 20 inches.

What is the size of the chute opening?
– About 1” X 2”, in an oval shape.


If you are looking for a unit that saves your time, tribest slowstar is the one you need to go with. This is a mincer as well as a juicer. With a high power motor, it grinds the hardest of food samples that you have to offer. Most of the Tribest Slowstar Reviews are great and the users were immensely satisfied with the product. Maybe you will too.

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