Omega NC900HDC Review 2020: Should You Go For It?

Do you like the smell of fresh juice and love having them? Do you get crazy when the seasons come and you lose your mind to have that first mouthwatering taste? Does it get too frustrating to squeeze the juice out in order to prepare your favorite drink? Well, stop with those ancient techniques. Now, in the age we technology, allow us to introduce to you, a state-of-the-art device that helps you prepare your juice from fresh fruits in no time. We went through a handful of Omega NC900HDC review to come up with this article to describe the product for our readers.

The masticating style in this juicer makes sure that you extract every last bit of juice possible. The system operates at a low speed of about 80 RPM. Thus there is no heat build-up and oxidation inside the chamber and your juice stays natural. This unit is very versatile and is the perfect unit for you if you are looking for a juicer with efficiency.


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What Kinds of Produce Can it Juice?

The Omega NC900 HDC is a complete package and even better option than Omega J8006. Above all, it is a top contender amid all the masticating juicers due to its durability and versatility.

It can take the opportunity to have your own natural juice at home, which can last for a maximum of 72 hours in your fridge. Albeit NC900 HDC can make a fresh pasta for you, it is advisable to use it for juicing only to avoid any unexpected damage and motor burn out.

You can have your nut butter out of almond, hazelnut, peanut, etc. with the NC900 HDC. Yet, nuts may jam the juicer or chip the auger. You can also make apple-sauce and baby food, but production process of them may damage the filter and even adjustment knob.

The durable Ultem Auger of this juicer enables you to grind coffee beans into a fine powder, but oils in the coffee might get damaged. The oils from the coffee beans may also cling to the auger. Making ice-cream and sorbet seems to suit the nature of the NC900 HDC as it offers a much creamier and smoother texture.

What Special Features of Omega NC900HDC have?

80 RPM Rotating Speed:

This is unlike other units. With the customer’s best wishes in mind, this unit has a rotating speed of 80 RPM. This is perfect for you as this low speed will not spray food particles everywhere. Thus there is less spillage and hence more efficiency. And is that not what all of us want? Also, as per the Omega NC900HDC review that we have been through, this is a fairly nice speed to get the job done. With a pinch of patience, this low speed will get you a better end product than many other fast speed units will do.

5 Adjustable Settings:

Someone juicers just have one setting which cannot be changed. This makes the uses of the unit limited and therefore their functions are also quite small. They are only designed to get the job done. This system, however, has 5 adjustable settings to give you the optimum result that you require. With 5 adjustable settings, you get 5 different functions to work with. Thus enhancing the abilities of this juicer compared to others and that is probably why the Omega NC900HDC are better than the reviews of other products?

Automatic Pulp Ejection:

Is it not frustrating when you spend such a long time to extract your juice only to find a handful of pulp in it? Most people do not prefer pulp in their juice. With this thought in mind, the manufacturers have designed this product in such a way that it ejects pulp automatically. As a result, the end product is pulp free. If that does not make this product unique, I do not know what will. Sometimes the pulp may also get in the way of the juicing process and halt it or jam it. Too many pulps may clog the system. The automatic pulp ejection feature ensures that the system is not jammed or clogged by surplus pulp. Good thinking we must say.

Masticating Process:

It is important that the juice grinds the food smoothly. This unit sure does. The food is pushed into a tight chamber by the auger system. Here the food is pressed and grinded to get every little drop of juice from the sample. Be it wheatgrass or leafy vegetable, nothing stands as an obstacle for this wrecking ball. The masticating process is outstanding according to many of the Omega NC900HDC that we have been through. So if you are looking for a unit that is efficient and gets the job done to near perfection style, this is the one you ought to buy.

Large Feed Chute:

The problem with most units is that the feed chute may be too small. Therefore you have to chop the food samples to very small pieces before you begin a new cycle. The feed chute here is quite large and most of the Omega NC900HDC reviewers were satisfied with it.

How to Use the Omega NC900 HDC Juicer?

The Omega NC900 HDC, horizontal juicer, is a Nutrition Center. Hence, it promised to serve you better with a greater versatility, flexibility, and simplicity! The bright side of horizontal design is that it allows you in having better access to the auger. With a 2 horsepower motor, you will have a powerful juicing experience to get your job done with any type of food!

Another beauty of NC900 HDC is that it is way easy to install all the parts to enjoy a very first cup of mouthwatering juice. It may take a couple of minutes to get used to and install all the parts for the first time. However, by the time along, you would have used to with the process and so spent not more than 1 minute! The manual is always provided to make you comfortable while assembling or even disassembling if required.

Unlike previous generations or models, NC900 HDC is quite mature now and comes with a bigger feeder chute. You may fall in love seeing plenty of space in it to fit your foods better. It also allows you to spend less time on chopping produce, but more time on juicing and enjoying the freshest juice. If you are having an older model of Omega juicer, might get convinced to change your existing juicer immediately.

Similar to other Omega juicers, it makes a dry pulp. This means the two-steps system would allow you to get extracted the maximum drops of juice. However, you will be amazed by the seeing a leftover of much drier pulp in the jar produced by NC900 HDC leaving other models of masticating juicers behind.

How to Clean the Omega NC900 HDC?

Commonly, centrifugal juicers allow you to have a soaring experience to clean as of sharp blades and the numerous moving parts. The masticating juicers are surely a winner in this regard. The Omega NC900 HDC is not an exception! The disassembling process of this juicer would take around 1 minute from you. Apart from this, you will find it a very essay and clean this juicer with your hands.

The casing of the NC900 HDC made of stainless steel that is a unique feature of its kind as most of the juicers are made out of a plastic shell. The pretty stain-resistant exterior of NC900 HDC also makes it way easy to clean the juicer properly. Your mere job would be to wipe the juicer with a moist cloth to leave no evidence of food molecules.

While cleaning by your hand, drive the auger, plunger, strainer, and the reaming parts over a dish-washing soap and hot water. The cleaning brush, scouring pad or a sponge is would be perfect to get rid of glued food and fibers on the plastic-made parts. Eventually, you are actually helping the juicer to have an extended lifetime!

The parts of NC900 HDC dishwasher-safe for sure, except for the main unit of the motor. So to thoroughly sterilize the components, you may wish to employ a dishwasher at least, once in a month. It will keep you in a good stead, as far as ensuring the juicer is safe to use is concerned. 

Where Can I Get Omega NC900 HDC Replacement Parts and Accessories?

The Omega NC900 HDC is a complete juicing system so earned the name of “nutrition center” for itself. The parts for replacement are readily available on the web store of the manufacturer itself.

The parts include housing (motor), switch, handle, locking clip, funnel, drum, juicing screens, end cap, Ultem Auger, plunger, juicing and processing strainers, cleaning brush, sieve, pulp and juice bowls, and noodle nozzles.

The auger of NC900 HDC is identical to the auger of Omega J8006 or J8004 juicers. Moreover, the replacement parts of this juicer are often compatible with rest of the horizontal juicers and vice versa.

If you are guarded by a warranty period, 15 years, you can reach Omega customer service portal instead of an email and you will be responded promptly and get the shipped replacement parts for free.

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  • slow speed operating system
  • 80 RPM rotating speed
  • 5 modifiable settings for efficient juicing
  • Use different settings for fruits and vegetables
  • The automatic pulp ejection ensures nonstop juicing
  • 6 extra nozzles and 2 screens are available
  • Masticating juicer chrome
  • High-class “Dual Stage” masticating process
  • Voltage: 110V


  • Maybe slow for many users
  • May clog
  • Bulky
  • An attachment may be a struggle to store


Question- Is this a 5th gen or 6th gen?

Answer- The juicer is 6th gen. All the units of the NC series are 6th gen.

Question- Does the juicer have a specific pulp adjustment number for each fruit and vegetables?

Answer- No. Not necessarily. You have to get decide it on your own. But according to the Omega NC900HDC reviews we have been through, they suggested 1-2 for soft, squishy fruits, 3-4 for other harder fruits, such as apples, and 5 for green leafy vegetables.

Question- Do you need to use a hard vegetable to push down your food to avoid clogging?

Answer- They do recommend you to use a hard item to avoid clogging. However, it is not necessary. If the system does clot, it usually takes a few seconds to rinse out the clog and then reattach it.

Final Words:

If you want that juice, go get that fruit. Do not let anything hold you back from having those mouthwatering seasonal drinks. You could open up your own juice court. This would be the perfect tool for you. Most of the Omega NC900HDC that we studied praised the product and labeled it “amazing” or rated it 5 stars. Pretty sure you will too. So go get that juicer today!

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