Omega J8005 Review 2021: What To Know Before Buy

For those who love homemade juices, we are presenting Omega J8005 Review! This machine is a masticating juicer, which will be an ideal choice for those who only like the clearest and most natural-tasting juices!

Some may argue that masticating juicers are slow, but they actually have some serious benefits! On our Omega J8005 Juicer, we are going to examine the advantages of the machine’s design, so you will hopefully get a clear idea of what this machine is capable of. Besides, we have prepared our answers to some of the frequently asked questions!

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What Kinds of Produce Can it Juice?

You may know that Omega J8005 not only a masticating juicer but a nutrition powerhouse as well. The J8005 would enable you to have fresh juice out of fruits and veggies along with will be at your service performing many other functions with much ease. Albeit the key function is to juicing, it is a grinder, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and above all a food processor.

You will be entertained with 6 different nozzles to service your purpose whatever it is with efficacy! Needless to say, the upsides of J8005 will keep you in good stead, as far as having freshest and most nutritious juice is concerned. Besides, you can help your toddler with the mix of baby food made by this juicer.

Apart from these functionalities, you will be able to make real nut butter out of actual nuts, crumble herbs for your dishes, make your own pasta, and grind coffee beans treating yourself with a cup of refreshing coffee. The priceless versatility and diversified service would make Omega J8005 not only a worthy part of your kitchen, but a good friend to get the most benefit out of it.

The J8005 prevents oxidation alongside maintains the healthy enzymes what is necessary to keep your juice away from degradation for a maximum of 72 hours. It will surely fade your worry away if you are unable to finish your juice prepared by J8005 right away allowing you to store so for future consumption.

How to Use The Omega J8005 Juicer?

The overwhelming/fascinating attributes of Omega J8005 will bring a smile in your face for sure! To name one out of many would be “easy to use quality” what might be the first priority when you are on the way of buying a juicer. The user-friendliness of this juicer would be another lucrative feature to draw your attention.

You will also be happy to know that Omega J8005 comes with dual-stage juicing screens, which is a unique feature of its kind and that comes handy in having a dry pulp. And yes, it’s quite easy to install so you need not worry about the flux of sweat. And even, you may call your toddler to help you out in this regard!

Nevertheless, Omega J8005 bundled with only a handful number of parts so you will find it is really easy to install those into one in producing a very first mug of juice! However, as it comes with a black funnel, which is slightly slender as compared to some fruits, you need to slice them into smaller pieces before juicing.

You will also be mesmerized by seeing the auto pulp-ejection function of the juicer that allows you to juice unceasingly without putting labor to eliminate the pulp and interrupting the process every now and then.

How to Clean The Omega J8005?

While enjoying a sip of juice with gratification, you might consider washing Omega J8005 for its next use. The components of J8005 juicer are dishwasher-safe unless you want to wash the main unit of the motor what is not! After use, if you wish to wash the juicer on your own hand, then that also very much possible!

If the ease of cleaning on your priority list, then Omega J8005 would be one of the best choices for you. Unlike other juicers that may contain too many components and costs a lot of time to keep those tidy, it equipped with 5 big parts only that ensure peace of mind in terms of cleaning.

It’s worth to mention that the reverse mode is there in saving your precious time and minimizing unnecessary hassle when it comes to disassemble and dislodge clogging. However, some mushy fruits and vegetables may clog the machine and then you would need to clean the insides at times when necessary.

The whole cleaning process will take only about 1 minute from you! Isn’t it quite amazing! You just need to take the parts apart and use hot water for better cleaning experience. The nylon dish brush and soap may assist you further if you need to scrub the parts to pulp out from the screen.

What Special Features of Omega J8005 have?   


Omega J8005 delivers great performance thanks to its two-stage juicing system. The machine first crushes the fruit or vegetable and then squeezes the pulp for high juice yield. This is what makes J8005 an exceptionally efficient juicer! It does everything to provide you with maximum juice from minimum products.

The dual-stage juicing system operates at 80 RPM. Why so slow, you may ask? Although the RPM is much lower compared to centrifugal juicers, you get much healthier and clearer juice with J8005. The low-speed motor heats up not as quickly, but keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends using the machine for not more than continuous 30 minutes. Besides, the machine is much quieter compared to centrifugal juicers!


J8005 functions as a juicer, food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder. With this machine, you can juice fruits and vegetables, make nut butter, healthy baby food, grind the coffee, and mince herbs and garlic. This juicer is quite multifunctional, but that obviously affects the price.If you don’t need anything except for juicing, there is no version of J8005 with only juicing functionality for less money.

The reverse mode can save your time and help you avoid disassembling the machine to eliminate clogging. Just keep in mind that some mushy fruits and veggies can really clog the juicer, so you will have to clean the insides nonetheless.

The auto pulp-ejection function will allow you to juice continuously without the need to interrupt to remove the pulp.

Quality of Juice:

Masticating juicers generally deliver better juice quality than centrifugal juicers. Omega J8005 is all the same! The dual-stage juicing system makes sure that you get every bit of juice from the fruit or vegetable. Even the pulp is left dry! As a result, the juice you get is much clearer than what you would get with a centrifugal machine.

The slow motor prevents the juicer from early heat buildup. You should know that the heat results in the oxidation of the healthy enzymes of the fruits and vegetables. That reduces the storage time and, most importantly, you won’t get the complete set of nutrients. With J8005, almost no heat up lets you maintain the natural taste and composition of the food, which additionally means that you can store the juice for up to 72 hours. That’s something you cannot achieve with centrifugal juicers!

Easiness of Use:

While centrifugal juicers are much easier to use, you shouldn’t have big problems with J8005’s operation. You only need to install the necessary nozzle and start the juicer! A bad thing about the masticating design is that you have to take some part in the juicing process, which wouldn’t be necessary with centrifugal models.

J8005 is extremely easy to take apart and wash. Except for the main unit of the motor, the components of the juicer are dishwasher-safe. You can wash the machine by hand as well if you wish to!

Unfortunately, this juicer works with 110V only.


J8005 comes with accessory nozzles, which is what makes this juicer capable of not only juicing fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you get a sieve to make the juice clearer if the final result is not what you want.

How does the Omega J8005 Compare?

Model No.J8005J8003J8004
Type Masticating Masticating Masticating
Dimensions (in.) 6.5x14.5x15.5 6.5x14.5x15.5 6.5x14.5x15.5
Weight 13 lbs. 13 lbs. 13 lbs.
Speed 80 RPM 80 RPM 80 RPM
Power 150 Watts 150 Watts 150 Watts
LCD Display No No No
Color/Finish Chrome White White
Self-Feeding No No No
Handle Yes Yes Yes
Auto Pulp Ejec. Yes Yes Yes
Build Plastic Plastic Plastic
BPA Free No No No
GE Ultem Auger No No Yes
Design Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Chute Size Tad small Tad small Tad small
Chute Shape Circle Circle Circle
Noise Level Low Low Low
Juice Quality High High High
Juice Life 72 Hours 72 Hours 72 Hours
Nutrient Reten. High High High
Amazon Rating 4.4 4.5 4.6
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years

Where Can I Get Omega J8005 Replacement Parts and Accessories?

One common question may come to your mind is, what about after sales service and the spare parts availability. You will be happy to know that Omega J8005 comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts and the service, meaning that, your state of peace will intact in the time ahead, at least for the upcoming 10 years!

Nonetheless, if anything goes wrong, taking the rare case into account, Omega technicians will be at your service replacing the parts and fixing the issue if any. All these services and attempts are to buy your precious smile alongside building long-term bonding.

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  • The dual-stage juicing system extracts every single drop from your food.
  • Quiet and has almost no heat buildup thanks to the low-speed motor.
  • Works as a juicer, food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder.
  • Auto pulp ejection and reverse to allow you to work continuously.
  • Delivers clear juice to natural taste.
  • The juice can be stored for up to 72 hours.
  • Exceptionally easy to use and clean.
  • Measures 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches.
  • Comes with accessory nozzles.
  • 10-year limited warranty.


  • Quite slow.
  • Heats up after around 30 minutes of continuous use.
  • Works with 110V only.
  • Narrow feed chute. You’ll need to chop your food before juicing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this juicer come with a recipe book?

No, but you can easily look up some good recipes online.

Is there a 220V version of J8005?

No, there isn’t. You can use it with a converter though.

Will this juicer deal with citrus fruits?

J8005 is not a citrus juicer so you should not attempt to insert unpeeled citrus fruits. As for peeled fruits, the machine will surely be capable of handling them with ease.

I have read about some issues with the reverse. Some users couldn’t turn it off. Is there a way to deal with it?

If you stumble upon such an issue and are unable to resolve it, you should contact Omega’s support. As for precautions, you should switch the machine to neutral and wait until the auger completely stops. Only then should you turn on the reverse mode. This should be done both ways regardless of which mode you want to engage.

Final Words:

So here you have Omega J8005 Review you can get! Although J8005 is much slower compared to centrifugal juicers, it has some really good advantages. With it, the juice is much clearer, more natural, and can be stored longer. Additionally, the slow motor of the juicer will not produce as much noise, which will be perfect for those who can’t stand loud and noisy equipment.

Was J8005 the perfect model for you? If so, go get it! Otherwise, you will have to look into your needs a little bit deeper. Maybe this isn’t what you really need and a centrifugal juicer would actually be better. Don’t forget to research, determine your needs, and you will surely find what you are looking for.

You might also read our Omega J8004 Juicer Review. Good luck!

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