Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review and Guide 2020

If you have a baby or toddler, you know how important juice is. And juice without enough nutrients is merely water with some nutrient. So, one thing you need to keep in mind while making juice is how well you are keeping the nutrients trapped in it. And, that is both a difficult and messy job to do manually. Today will talk about Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review!

A juicer makes this task of keeping the nutrients in a juice, sorbet, puree or any other masticated produce easily and without creating a terrible mess. Moreover, it accomplishes such tasks quite easily. One such efficient juicer is the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Silver B6000S. It has versatile capabilities and excellent efficiency. We will cover everything about this juicer in order to help you know about this amazing innovative machine that makes life easier.

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Features of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer:

Firstly, let us take a quick look at what this juicer offers.

kuvings whole slow juicer


With a dimension of 8.9X8.1X17.6 inches, the B6000S juicer is not a juicer that disappoints you in case of quality-build. It weighs 14 pounds and a very small footprint so it’s quite easy to carry. The juicer uses high-quality materials in its construction so it’s both sturdy and durable. In fact, it uses Ultem Tritan ABS in its construction. Moreover, its unique and convenient design makes your kitchen look better rather than congested.

This vertical juicer uses a vertical auger to juice instead of a disk spinner. Also, it uses a powerful motor of 240 watts to work smoothly.

Traps the Nutrients:

Liquids can easily lose nutrients. But, juicers like Kuvings B6000S does not let them. The B6000S uses an auger to extract juicer which has the speed of 80 RPM which is slow enough to carefully keep the nutrients intact in the juice.

Juices a Huge Variety of Items:

The juicer is, in fact, remarkable in its capability of handling various types of items. Apparently, you can put whole fruits and frozen fruits on the smoothie screen this juicer comes with! It will blend the item without any trouble and provide you with a tasty, nutritious juice or sorbet. Yes, you can make sorbets easily with it as it has an additional blank strainer to support sorbet making.

You can definitely juice green and citrus fruits with this juicer very efficiently. But, when it comes to harder vegetables like carrots, the efficiency decreases a bit.

Difficulty-level of Use:

Even though it says that it is very easy to assemble, it is not. It comes with a lot of individual parts like the auger, rotation wiper, compression silicon inserts etc. so it is quite hard to figure out which goes where and how. Moreover, lining up the top set is also a challenge. Even after multiple uses, you will need some time to assemble this juicer. So, it is not very easy to set up.

When it comes to juicing, the task is comparatively easier than setting it up. It does not require much prep time as it comes with a generously sized feed chute. The feed chute is in fact 3 inches in width. So, it can handle large chunks of items cutting down the prep time. However, in case of hard vegetables like carrot, you need to cut it into small pieces to get greater efficiency. Or else, it might even clog the juicer. But, after this task of inserting is done, it requires almost no more effort. The auger itself does the pushing activity so you do not need to push often.

Also, it comes with a detachable drip-free smart cap which makes the whole juicer even more convenient.

Easy to Clean:

In case of normal juicers, cleaning is a challenging job. But, Kuvings B6000S saves you from the trouble as it does most of the cleaning itself. Just pour water into the bowl and let it rinse its nooks and crannies itself. Then, get the water out of its system.

Moreover, it comes with a great cleaning kit consisting of a rotary cleaner to clean the mesh filter and additional small brushes designed to clean every nook and cranny of this machine efficiently and easily.

Also, pulp stuck in the pulp ejector is always a trouble to clean but not much pulp is stuck in case of the B6000S juicer to make life happier for you.


This compact machine with a small footprint is quite easy to store. But, if you have limitations in case of height, you need to detach the top case and store it separately.


  1. Slow Speed of 80 RPM traps nutrients in the juice.
  2. Versatile applications include making sorbets from frozen fruit.
  3. High-quality and durable materials used in construction.
  4. Comes with a blank strainer for sorbets.
  5. Easy to clean tools.
  6. 10-year warranty.
  7. Works quietly.
  8. Easy storage.


  1. Difficult to assemble and line up as it comes with many parts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it a Cold Press Juicer?

Answer: Yes, it is a cold press juicer.

How are Kuvings B6000S and Breville Juicer different?

Answer: Both are great juicers but yes there are differences. When it comes to Kuvings, the juicer is quiet during operation whereas the Breville Juicer makes noise.

Then, in case of price, Kuvings is more expensive than Breville.

As of Nutrition, Kuvings is better at trapping the nutrients as it basically presses out the juice instead of chopping it. But, Breville uses blades so hold comparatively lesser nutrients in the juice.

Moreover, Kuvings works slowly and Breville is quite fast. Lastly, both the juicers are quite easy to clean.

Final Words:

If quality and performance is a big factor and budget is not much of a concern than the Kuvings B6000S model is the perfect juicer for you. It comes with a good number of features offering remarkable versatility. Moreover, it has a durable body with a beautiful structure that adorns your kitchen. However, if you do not want to be extravagant then you can find good juicers at lower prices.

Our Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review ends here and hopefully, it is leaving you with all that you need to know about this juicer to make your call. We will be back again to help you make decisions.

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