Juice For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common issue now a day. It’s familiar but a dangerous problem. We know how many dangerous it.

So, guys. Today I’m going to show a particular three juice which can reduce your blood pressure.

If you try once juice from this list regularly, you can get rid of this disease.

Beetroot Juice Recipe:

If you have a high blood pressure problem, Just take Beetroot juice regularly with your breakfast. Its is very helpful to reduce high blood pressure.

is it only for high blood pressure?

No, there are more many health benefits included.

Below I shared, all Health benefits of this juice.

And also I shared there, proper Tips, Care, Guideline, with this Recipe.

Ingredient :

Total Estimated Calories: 300-350

– One little red Beetroot. ( Estimated 43 calories )

– One large Apple. ( Estimated 116 calories )

– or 2 small Apples. ( Estimated 156 calories)

– 2 Celery stalks. ( Estimated 30 calories )

– 1-2 pieces Carrots. ( Estimated 50-80 calories)

– Two small lemons or 1 large lemon. ( Estimated 30-40 calories )

–  Half inch small piece of peeled Ginger. ( Estimated 20 calories )

How to make:

– Wash all ingredient ( Fruit & vegetables ) by freshwater.

– Remove water and dry it by kitchen/tissue paper.

–  Peel & Cut into small size (Beetroot, Apple, Lemon, Celery, carrot, ginger )

–  Remove seeds from Apple & Lemon.

– Place all ingredient into the Juicer without lemon. (Check out here best Juicer. A good juicer helps to make fresh and more smoothies juice.)

– Collect the juice in a cup/glass, and make lemon juice.

– Add lemon juice and stir.

– Now it’s ready to drink.

Tips / Alert, For Best Practices :

– Pick small/medium size Beetroot.

– Always avoid bruised beet skins. ( It will be Dark Red)

– Make sure peeled, excellently.

– Pick Fresh Apple.

– Don’t peel out other fruit, without Beetroot.

– Don’t make only Beetroot juice, always add here some other fruit. ( which I showed here) cause, only Beetroot juice is powerful, so there have many side effects pure Beetroot juice.

So, you should follow my way.

Health benefits:

-Helps for reducing blood pressure.

-Improving Exercise strength.

-Improving Muscle energy in people with heart failure problem.

-To help improve blood movement, the brain in old age guys, and slow cognitive collapse.

-Balancing your healthy weight.

-Prevent cancer.

– An excellent source of Potassium.

– An excellent source of minerals.

– Good source of vitamin C.

– Prevent it, liver Sickness.

– Reduce cholesterol for diet control.

Spinach Juice Recipe:

Spinach juice is made from the supernatural ingredient, which can reduce your blood pressure.

As it’s a vegetable juice. So, I kept here some fruits which can also reduce blood pressure with excellent taste.

And there also have many health benefits, without reducing blood pressure.

Ingredient :

The total estimated amount of calories is: 100-150

– Chopped Spinach: 2 cups ( Estimated 50 calories )

– 1 Apple ( Estimated 50 calories )

– Celery: 1 stalk ( Estimated 20 calories )

– 1/2 Lemon: 2 small size or 1 big size. it’s optional if you like the sourish taste then use it. ( Estimated 30-40 calories ).

– Water: 3/4 cup. ( 0 calories )

How to Make:

– Wash and clean all ingredient.

– Cut into 1-3 inch size.

– First Pour 3/4 amount cup water in the Juicer container.

– Add all ingredient, also lemon juice.

– Press on the juicer.

– Filter it and keep pure juice.

Tips / Alert, For Best Practices :

– Collect Fresh and clean spinach.

– For best result always pick dark green spinach.

– Always wash very well before making juice.

– If you don’t like spinach flavor, you can add here your favorite vegetables. like, carrot, cucumber,  tomatoes (green vegetables)

Health Benefits:

– Reducing High Blood pressure.

– Diabetes Controlling Help.

– Prevent Cancer.

– Prevent Asthma.

– Making strong Bone, Reduce risk from fracture.

-Improves digestive balance.

– Improving Healthy skin and hair.

– Reducing brain Stress.

– Protect eyes from damage and improving the power of vision.

Carrot Juice Recipe :

If you don’t like above two juices flavor,

You can try this juice to reduce your blood pressure.

Maximum people like carrot flavor. It’s also sweet tasty.

If you want to reduce your blood pressure, you can try this juice for regular breakfast.


    Total Estimated Calories is : 350-400

    – 3 carrots ( Estimated 120 calories )

    – 3- 4 stalks celery ( Estimated 45-50 calories )

    – 1/2 lemon ( Estimated 30-50 calories )

    – 4 small apples or 3 Large Apple ( Estimated 150 calories )

   – ginger : 1/4 size ( Estimated 10 calories )

How to make:

– Wash and fresh very well all of fruit and vegetables.

– Peel out ginger.

– Extract Lemon juice.

– Cut or Slice into small size.

– Place all ingredient in the juicer.

– Make juice.

– Filter and keep pure Juice.

– Enjoy every morning with breakfast.

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