Hydrating Detoxifying Watermelon Mint Green Juice Recipe

Watermelon is a tastiest Drink/Fruit instead of drinking water. There has a lot of health benefits.

Mint leaves have many vitamins, Nutrition’s, and much health benefits.

Below after recipe guide, I mentioned many health benefits of Watermelon and mint leaves.

If you want to make Fresh, Tasty, and 250-300 calories included Watermelon with mint juice.

Follow this recipe. You can make this juice in a short time. Below I have told here, everything about making juice.

This juice is super perfect for Summer seasons, Yoga lover, or physical exerciser, who goes to Daily Out Work.

So, guys, let’s start:

Why you follow this Juice making?


– For Tasty juice.

– For the quick juicing recipe.

– For many calories. ( Normally watermelon is low calories fruit. But for more calories, I calculated and kept here enough amount of ingredient for 250-300 calories. )

– Get Clear instruction.

– Get tips and tricks.

– I have mentioned calories amount with every ingredient. So that you can customize the amount as need your taste and calories.

Use the best juicer for regularly making smoothies recipe :

Smoothies juice has many health benefits. We need fruits, vegetables, or natural ingredient usually to keep our good health. So, we should take the natural ingredient regularly.

 If you love smoothies recipe regularly, you can make smoothies recipe by the blender. But you can’t make super smoothies juice by the mixer/blender. And there needs much time.

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Total Estimated Calories is: 250-300

    – 5-6 cups watermelon ( Estimated 150 calories )

    – Half Cup of cucumber ( Estimated 50 calories )

    – 2 lemon ( Estimated 50-60 calories )

    – 10-15 gram fresh mint leaves ( Estimated 60-70 calories )

How to Make:

– Take Fresh and Big Size watermelon.

– Cut into mid-size ( no need small piece)

– Ensure remove all seed from watermelon chopped.

– Peel out or Cut lemon.

– Collect lemon juice.

– Collect Fresh & green mint leaves.

– Wash very well all mint leaves.

– Remove water ( as can possible ) from the mint leaves.

– Place into juicer mints and collect the juice.

– Place into juicer chopped watermelon and collect the juice.

– Now take a bowl and mix all juices.

– Also, you can add here some honey.

– If you want to make cold juice you can add here some ice cube.

– Now enjoy the juice.

Some Tips about Making Fresh Juice:

– If you don’t like sour flavor, don’t add direct lemon juice. just put a lemon slice into juice, after making juice. then you will get the only lemon flavor, but it will not be sour.

– You can add here orange instead of lemon.

– Don’t add a lot of amount of ice cube. if you will add many ice cube your juice will not be perfectly tasty.

– After making juice, filter perfectly for fresh smoothies juice.

– Use Fresh watermelon and green mint leaves.

Watermelon Health Benefit:

– Improving body Hydrate (watermelon is best alternative food, who don’t like to drink enough water regularly ). Watermelon can fill up 92% water of your body, without drinking water.

– Prevent Cancer

– Reduce, heart attack and stroke risk.

– Reduce, Blood pressure & Brain stress.

– Improving Hair and skin.

– A lot of Nutrients: one cup /150-gram Estimated nutrition is:

nutrition Amount
Calories: 35
Water: 92%
Protein: 0.6 grams
Carbs: 7.6 grams
Sugar: 6.2 grams
Fiber: 0.4 grams
Fat: only 0.2 grams (very low amount)

– Watermelon has included 5 types of vitamin :

Vitamin Type Percent of Amount
Vitamin C: 21%
Vitamin A: 18%
Potassium: 5%
Magnesium: 4%
Vitamins B1, B5 & B6: 3%

Mint Health Benefits:

– Improving Liver Syndrome: Mint is excellent food, who is suffering gas, stomach pain, etc. liver problem.

– Improving Brain Function: A survey showed, mint can improve brain alertness.

– Balanced Diet.

– Mint has much Nutrition:

Nutrition Percent of Amount
Calories: 6
Fiber: 1 gram
Vitamin A: 12%
Iron: 9%
Manganese: 8%
Folate: 4%

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