Hamilton Beach Juicer Reviews 2021: Should You Buy It?

Are you tired of using your regular blender to use for blending every household items? Do you just ignore the idea of having fresh juices in the morning in the fear of peeling off the skin and of cleaning everything afterward? Then The Hamilton Beach Juicer is the perfect product for you! This post about Hamilton Beach Juicer Reviews of Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor.

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Special Features:

This tool is super handy as per the Hamilton Beach Juicer we came across. It is perfect for everyday use and is extremely easy to clean up afterward. This is the perfect addition to your kitchen aids for people who are health conscious or are at least trying to start their journey of being healthy. This provides you with fresh juices in a matter of a few seconds without any mess.

The Feed Chute Can Accommodate Whole Foods:

This amazing juicer can fit any whole foods that you would seem fit to taste. Essentially you can fit in an apple whole. You can even blend anything from a lemon to cabbage with the Hamilton Beach Juicer. But everything can be tailored to your needs. You can peel off the fruits or vegetables or keep the skin on before putting them in the juicer per your preference but we suggest peeling off. You will get the best taste with the freshness of the products.

Easy To Clean:

The Hamilton Beach Juicer is probably the best machine to clean afterward. It comes with a very easy cleaning tool that turns cleaning into fun! It cuts the cleaning and straining time of such a powerful tool into the half. All the parts of this beautiful product are also dishwasher safe which also saves you in those lazy, sick and tired days.


This product is so powerful that it takes seconds to turn any food into juice. The Hamilton Beach Juicer has 2 speeds to change between those foods that are either hard or soft to give you the perfect consistency for the best tasting juices! It gives you the foam-free liquid. It works with 1.1 Hp mega powerful motor that makes it take just seconds to break foods down into juices. The lower speed is meant to be used for softer foods like vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, or any kind of berries whereas the higher speed is for firmer foods like cucumber, oranges or apples.


This unit also has a stainless steel for the tools used. The Hamilton Beach also tell us that the unit is easy to assemble and safe for operations.


The quality of the Hamilton Beach Juicer is top class. It comes with not only the juicer but a whole bunch of supporting items to make your juicing journey a lot easier. It is probably the best product to own if you are just starting to move out of your family home for the first time or when your mom is not around anymore to feed you all the healthy stuff. As mentioned before, it comes with a cleaning tool. It also comes with a pitcher with a lid that is BPA free and can potentially hold 40 oz. of liquid.

Not only does it come with a huge pulp bin but also with a free froth separator! It also cuts your kitchen cleaning time by a fraction by providing you with the spout that prevents dripping off juices on the countertops while getting transferred into the jar. The spout is also removable to makes cleaning easier once again. It also comes with a giant opening to put the whole foods into avoiding precutting saving hours of your life that you previously spent on cutting up foods to make juices! It is seriously making being healthy easier and fun.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Wide feed chute
  • Juice output is smoother than many other units
  • Juice tastes natural
  • Easy to assemble
  • High power- can juice almost everything
  • Has 2-speed options
  • Does not jam
  • Large pulp bin
  • Adjustable spout
  • Do not have to cut food beforehand
  • Froth separator present
  • Non-dripping opening
  • Stainless steel


  • Very noisy
  • Pulp has juice in them. Re-juicing does not help
  • Closing the latches feel flimsy
  • Moves on the counter as it runs
  • Gets clogged easily
  • May Leak
  • Can get messy
  • Food particles get stuck to the walls
  • May spray
  • Plastic cups get foggy with time

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you throw in whole fruits and vegetables?
– Yes, the unit runs on a high power motor. You can throw in whole fruits and vegetables without chopping them into pieces. But it is wise to peel your fruits before you throw them in.

Is it a citrus juicer as well?
– You can juice oranges and lemons with this. Use the lower speed for such fruits and higher one for harder fruits and vegetables.

How well does it work on spinach, carrots, and beetroots?
– The unit works finely on carrots. On spinach, not so much according to the Hamilton Beach Juicer reviews. Beetroots are properly worked on too.

What is the height of this unit?
– According to the Hamilton Beach Juicer reviews, it would be about 14 inches.

Can you juice fruits and vegetables that have seeds?
– Yes, you can. A screen is present inside the unit which prevents seeds from entering into the juice produced.

Is it a hassle to clean the unit?
– As per the Hamilton Beach Juicer, we read, no. Run the unit through hot water after you are done juicing. This helps you clean the strainer.

How do you prevent the plastic from corroding?
– The Hamilton Beach Juicer we have studied tell us to rinse the unit immediately after using it with cold water.

Final Words:

Will this unit put the rest out of the business? No, it sure will not. But it definitely provides a competition for the other products. And if a product increases the competition, it is only because the product is a good one.

With that being said, no this is not the best juicer out there but it sure makes the cut for being of the best juicers in the market. The Hamilton Beach Juicer was certainly pleased with their purchase. You probably will be too. So go for it. Get the juicer. Start your healthy diet today.

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