Breville BJE510XL Review and Buying Guide 2020

Juice is a critically discussed drink item. When it comes to juices many prefer it sugary, many prefer it sugar-free and 100% natural. It is hard to find a juicer worth an investment, and it is even harder to shop for a juicer knowing there are about thousands of different types of juicers out there in the market from different companies. How do we know what features we should look out for when buying a juicer? How do we know that companies are not ripping us off with superfluous details which they write on their product boxes? Today we will talk about Breville BJE510XL Review!

While it is good to keep an eye out for products with the most features, it is also very important to know how each of those features contributes to your needs. Breville BJE510XL Fountain Juicer is an efficient juicer that is sure to touch your interest. This sophisticated modern juicer comes with a variety of perks. According to Breville BJE510XL, this product has been serving in the best manner and nothing but the best to its buyers.

With this juicer, you are not only getting one of the most raved about products, but you are also getting a permanent fix for your healthy drink cravings. You will not have to worry about consuming all those added sugar and preservatives with the packet juices you buy from the store. The Breville BJE510XL we have studied, assure us that it is quite the modernized juicer that we all have been waiting for.


Breville BJE510XL Review

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Special Features of Breville BJE510XL:

Wide Feeding Chute:

Most juicers we find on the market require you to cut your fruits and veggies into smaller sizes before putting them into the juicer. With Breville BJE510XL Fountain Juicer now it will not be a concerning issue. You can now juice most large sized fruits without having to worry about internal damage or clogging.

Variable Speeds:

Unlike your simplest designed juicers, Breville BJE510XL Fountain Juicer is equipped with 5-speed levels. The variable speed control ranges from 6500 rpm to 12000 rpm and runs on 900 watts of energy. Efficient juicing will require advanced technology which will keep the nutrients and live enzymes intact to add to the benefits of drinking fresh juice. Breville BJE510XL Fountain Juicer’s variable speed control take proper care of your softer fruits and leafy greens at 6500 rpm and preserve 12000 rpm for the denser fruits. The advanced technology allows the juicer to sense the load of the fruit and adjust its rpm setting to match your fruit. All of this is accompanied by preinstalled guidance easily acquired on its sleek looking LCD screen. Many of the customers were satisfied by this feature according to their Breville BJE510XL reviews.

Heavy Grade Polymer Body:

Every product is weighed in for its durability in order to get an idea of its longevity. A light bodied juicer is a rip-off since it will not be around for long. Breville BJE510XL Fountain Juicer is composed entirely of heavy grade polymer. It is both durable and is capable of enduring minor shocks. Users have praised the product for how long it lasts, and as we have seen in their Breville BJE510XL reviews, they say their products are still acting brand new even after 2 or 3 years of use.

Safety Lock Feature and Auto-Shutting:

No more fretting about forgetting to lock your electric juicer before running it, because it will simply not run! The Breville BJE510XL reviews, we came across, state that this is one of the best features of this juicer. Auto shutting feature senses overloading and hinder juicer from running to save it from damages.

Reliable Nutri-disc:

The sharpness of juicer blades is preserved by titanium coat. Titanium metal is popular for resisting corrosion and being light-weighted yet durable. This is accompanied by a steel mesh strainer that filters out pulp. These features combined give your juicer the ability to cut your fruits or veggies and extract the maximum amount of juice possible.


  • Heavy grade polymer body
  • Titanium blades that mean long lasting sharpness of the blades
  • Comes with a stainless steel mesh filter
  • Built-in overload shutting safety
  • Auto-lock safety
  • Jugs and other accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Variable speed level
  • 2-liter juice jug


  • May not reduce the ratio of pulp to juice even with such advanced technologies
  • Rpm levels may not be sufficient
  • Bulky in size and so needs more storage space

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the difference between a slow masticating juicer and a regular juicer?

Masticating juicer practically kneads the juice out of the fruits rather than grinding it first then squeezing it out of the pulp. Masticating juicers are useful for juicing delicate veggies and leafy greens because it is important that their nutrients and live enzymes are preserved. A regular juice extractor grinds and crushes the fruits veggies, turning it into pulp and then juices the pulp and the juice collects in a jug or bowl that accompanies the unit.

Is this juicer any good at juicing rough textured food such as ginger?

The efficiency may vary from fruit to fruit and vegetable to vegetable. According to a few Breville BJE510XL reviews, some food samples are more efficiently juiced when they is put into the chute in large sizes rather than smaller cut sizes. That concludes that there is no exact efficiency percentage guaranteed.

Does the juicer juice frozen fruits and vegetables?

No, With Breville BJE510XL Fountain Juicer you can only extract juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables. This juicer cannot handle frozen ingredients, wheat grass, wheat, ice, powders, poultry, meat etc.

What is the voltage of this product?


Can this juicer handle whole fruits?

Based on the Breville BJE510XL reviews that we have come across, this juicer should be able to safely juice whole apple, pineapples with rind, cucumbers, and carrots with proper use of the extra wide chute.

Is it a centrifugal juicer?


Final Verdict: 

If you are looking for a modern, centrifugal juicer with built-in sophisticated technology look no more because this juicer is just for you. The overall Breville BJE510XL reviews were extremely positive. It runs smoothly at 900 watts at five different speed levels. Although it is a raved product, it may not be suitable for all types of ingredients such as leafy greens. Leafy greens and other delicate ingredients are best consumed while their vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are active. This juicer is not gentle with delicate produce. Nonetheless, if you are a regular juice drinker and prefer your juice freshly made free of all preservatives, Breville BJE510XLjuicer is a product you will not fail to appreciate.

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