Breville BJE510XL Juicer Reviews and Guide 2020

Do you love drinking natural juices and hate all the effort and time it takes to the making? Everyone does. Moreover, the kitchen always turns into a mess when a juice is on our list of consumption. In this state of helplessness where you want to get the healthy juice you love so much but with the minimum effort possible, a juicer may come to the rescue. In fact, it does. Today, we are going to talk about Breville BJE510XL Juicer Reviews!

A juicer will make you want to juice more with its fast and efficient way of making it. Imagine waking up to the luxury of a juicer every day that makes easy the task of making juice, keeping all the nutrients in check and making as less a mess as possible. In order to help you find a juicer of exactly this sort, we have made this Breville BJE510xl Juicer. So that you can know all about this excellent juicer and also decide whether you want it or not.


Breville BJE510XL Juicer Reviews

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Special Features of Breville BJE510XL:

A quick look at the features of the Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Juicer.


The first thing among many other things you need to know about the Breville Fountain Juicer is its incredible power. This juicer comes with the heavy-duty motor of 900-watt power giving it the capacity to reach the speed from 6500 RPM to 12500 RPM. It basically uses the lower speeds for soft fruits and leafy vegetables and higher ones for dense fruits like apple, mango etc.

So, you can always depend on it to keep the juice nutritious in case of emergencies like sudden visits from guests.

The Build-Up:

BJE510XL Juicer is built with a dimension of 20.6 x 16.5 x 11 inches with the best-quality materials ensuring durability. In fact, it is built with a combination of stainless steel and engineering-grade polymers.

It has a compact and stylish build that serves its purpose really well and very fast.

Variable Speed:

This is actually the most remarkable feature of this juicer. As mentioned earlier, with its different speed levels, it can juice fruits perfectly with minimal waste using the speed most suited to the fruit type. In fact, it comes with the ability to choose from five speeds with the help of an LCD juicing speed guide. It apparently comes with the modes-Hard Veg, Apple, Pineapple, Citrus and Soft Fruit.

So, if you do not know which speed suits which fruit, the guide is there to guide you!

Nutri Disc System:

Apparently, the cutting blades come reinforced with titanium. So, they stay sharp and also last longer. In addition, these blades cut the pulp against a durable stainless steel mesh filter basket to extract the juice efficiently. As a result, you have nothing to worry about the quality of the juice.

Direct Central Feed System:

This unique and smart feature ensures efficient juice extraction. The patented direct central feed system is placed in the chute over the nutri disc minimizing noise and vibration besides serving its main purpose.

When you wake up early and every sound irritates you, the Breville Fountain Juicer won’t!

Generously-Sized Juice and Pulp Container:

The BJE510XL saves you from the strain of making juice in multiple rounds with its large juice container. Also, you do not have to clean the pulp out every often while juicing as the pulp container is quite large too.

3-Inch Extra-Wide Feed Chute:

You can speedily cut large chunks of fruit and insert it in the juicer and be sure that it will do its job just fine. Because of the extra-wide feed chute, this juicer can hold big chunks of fruits with any difficulty and work easily on it.


This mighty juicer ensures safety in three different ways:

  • BPA Free- All the surfaces that come in contact with the fruit are free of BPA ensuring the safety of your health.
  • Locking Arm- With the ‘safety locking arm’ feature, the juice does not start working until the cover is properly locked over it. So, there is no risk of cutting hand by its blades or juice spillage.
  • Overload Protection- With this feature, the juice shuts down automatically in case of overload.

Safe for Dishwasher:

You can wash any part of the juicer ion the top shelf of your dishwasher except for the Nutri Disc and the Mesh Filter Basket.


With the smart cord-storage, you can keep the cords that make the room look untidy spiraled around the base of the BJE510XL juicer easily. So, this neat juicer keeps your house neat as well!


  1. Incredible power and speed.
  2. Adjustable to 5 different speeds according to fruit type.
  3. Durable and high-quality materials used in construction.
  4. Minimized preparation need due to a large chute.
  5. Enhanced efficiency.
  6. Minimized noise and vibration through central feed system.
  8. Very easy to clean and maintain.


  1. Not great for masticating.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the BJE510XL Juicer juice raw ginger efficiently?

Answer: Yes, it does juice raw ginger efficiently. But, you have to use the ‘hard fruit’ setting on the juicer. It can juice both large and small pieces of ginger, but large is preferred. However, do not expect a lot of juice as ginger does not have much. But, you can trust the machine in taking out the best.

What are the differences between a masticator and a juice extractor?

Answer: Basically, a centrifugal juice extractor is the one in which the blades move about in a circular way. On the other hand, a masticator chews grinds or kneads into a pulp.

The juice extractor is generally used for extracting juice from soft fruits with its fast speed. While a masticator works on green leafy vegetables, cilantro etc.

A juice extractor can do both but it’s not very efficient while doing the functions of a masticator.


If you need a high-functioning, efficient, smart, safe and durable juicer to use every day for quenching your thirst, the Breville BJE510XL should at least make it to your check-list. But, if you are very choosy about your food as in case of nutrition you prefer leafy vegetables for daily consumption then this juicer will not be the right choice for you. Nevertheless, it is great in doing what it was made for alongside having a great physique. So, if it suits you, do not worry about the quality.

Our Breville BJE510XL Juicer reviews ought to have helped you know if this is the juicer that suits your needs. If it initially has, now you know if it is qualified enough for you. Finally, if it is, what are you waiting for?

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