Breville 800JEXL Review and Buying Guide 2020

Don’t you crave for that perfect smoothie when the time comes? We all crave for a seasonal drink when we smell ripe fruits and vegetables in the air. Cutting them and then squeezing them to extract every tiny drop of juice can be troublesome. It is a hectic experience. But gladly we live in the age of technology. This brings us to the topic of our article today, Breville 800JEXL Review.

This is not just a juicer. This is THE JUICER. So what is it? Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the Breville 800JEXEL. This article comprises of what many Breville 800JEXL has stated and hopefully will give you a clearer idea of the product.

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Special Features of Breville 800JEXL:

1000 Watt Motor:

People usually look for a motor with a very high power. This ensures that the food they put in is grinded very well. That is always a concern for people who buy juicers, whether their food will be masticated and cut properly or not. This unit has a maximum speed of 13,000 RPM, to work with hard fruits and vegetables and a minimum rotating speed of 6500 RPM for softer food samples. Thus all the food that you put in is taken care of properly leaving you with nothing to worry about. With such brute force, you do not even have to worry about the unit being jammed with food particles. Most people would opt for this juicer because it relieves them of such worries, unlike other units.

Extra Wide Feed Chute:

In other units, the feeding chute is quite small. Therefore you would have to cut the fruits or vegetables into small pieces before putting them in. Here the feed chute is extra wide. So you do not necessarily have to cut them into small pieces. Another reason why the feed chute is smaller in other units is that the motor is weaker. But this unit provides you with a beast of a motor. A monster motor if we may. So this also allows you to put larger chunks of food. Preparation of a food takes a long time. With this feature, you save valuable time by not wasting them on preparing the food.

Direct Central Feed System:

Many other units on the market do not feature a direct central feed system. As a result, due to the residue, users do not get 100% of the juice. This unit, however, features a direct central feed system. As a result, users get 100% of the juice extracted, making this system more efficient than others out there. Many of Breville 800JEXL reviewers were glad of this product. Hopefully, you will be too.

Nutri Disc:

The unit has razor sharp blades which are reinforced with titanium. This makes the blades more durable and helps them stays sharp longer. If the blades stay shaper for longer, does this not also ensure the product working more efficiently for a longer time? Is that not a plus point? Is that not what we all want? 

Filter Basket:

Many people do not like having pulp in their juice. Many juicers out their failure to get rid of the pulp while extracting the juice. This unit has a built-in filter basket made up of stainless steel mesh. The pulp spins out to this basket in order to be added on later or discarded. The pulp container is also large, meaning you do not have to necessarily change it after every batch, but can do it later when you are fully done juicing.

Die-cast materials, BPA-free:

The product is manufactured with die-cast materials which are all BPA free. These make the product both beautiful and durable. Many Breville 800JEXL reviews stated that they have used the 800JEXL for a few years and that it is still going strong.

Juice Jug:

The juice jug is capable of holding 1 liter of juice and also features a froth separator. The froth separator came in handy as per many Breville 800JEXL reviews.

Safety Locking Arm:

Many units do not lock properly and therefore when they start they start spraying food everywhere. The 800JEXL has a safety locking arm which will not let the operator start the system without properly putting the lock in place. Safety comes first and that is something the manufacturers lived by while designing the product.

Overload Protection:

Most units do not last long because they are overused. There is no signal for the operators to know when their machines get too heated up and therefore need a break. This unit prevents such calamities. The overload protection makes the users aware of their systems overheating. The system will shut down automatically when the machine is overloaded. However, many Breville 800JEXL reviewers complained that they misinterpreted this feature and it would do better to install a beeping signal or something of that sort.


  • Powerful motor
  • Nutria disc
  • Direct central feed system
  • An extra-wide feed chute
  • Filter basket
  • Die-cast materials
  • BPA free
  • Overload protection
  • Safety locking arm


  • Mesh filter might get clogged easily
  • May leak with time
  • Food may clump to the lid
  • Might be a waste of hard fruits and vegetables
  • Hard to clean

 Frequently Asked Question: 

Does this unit masticate your food?
– No, it uses centrifugal force.

What happens if you run your pulp a second time?
– You would probably get a little more juice, but not much.

How tall is this unit?
– About 17 inches.

Final Words:

Is this the best juicer out there? No, it definitely is not. But it is, nonetheless, one of the best ever. As per the Breville 800JEXL reviews that we have studied in order to make this article, the juicer gets the job done, and that is what matters. Maybe if you put your pulp in for a second run, you will get a better result. Add a little bit of patience and you will find this unit very much to your liking.

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