9 Common Foods You Must Avoid For Weight Loss

Becoming overweight is really frustrating. It’s like this tension about weight consumes your mind 24/7. 

Every time you chump, every time you gulp, your tension spikes up. And by any chance, if you shove down something heavy, you start making plans for working out. 

Here’s the thing-

The real struggle begins when people start looking for weight loss foods. Most of the people linger in the dark while looking for appropriate foods. 

And around 73% of the time, people opt-in the wrong food items into their diet list. 

No. We don’t blame them. It’s really hard to choose when some small item has more calories than humongous items. 

Well, guess what we’re here to help you out with that. 

Here we have listed out 9 everyday foods that should be avoided while you’re thinking of losing weight. 

So, let’s jump into the cart and roll our way into the list-

Pastries, cakes, and cookies

Image Source: Alliancebakery.com

Who doesn’t love pastries? Let us rephrase, who doesn’t love creamy cakes?

We actually had a bet in our office that around 90% of the world population won’t be able to resist a Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. So, did a mini test on this and guess what! It’s true. 

9 out of 10 people grabbed a spoon and melted that cheese frosting inside their mouth.  

Well, let us give you the bad news. Eating all kinds of pastries, cakes and cookies are banned for you if you’re overweight. Actually, these are banned only when you’ve decided to lose weight. 

Now, let’s explain why these are banned. 

Cakes, pastries, and cookies are basically a mix of sugar, butter, white flour and trans-fat. 

All of these are high in calories. Moreover, these items eventually lead you to obesity. 


Image Source: Kingarthurflour.com

A woman needs less than 2000 calories daily to lose weight. And if you want to lose 1 pound a week then you have to get 1500 calories (females) to 2000 calories (males). 

And guess what! 1 slice regular crust pizza has 285 calories. And 1 whole pizza has 2269 calories. So, if you’re a female, then 1 pizza is more than your daily limit. And some pizza variations have the capability of crossing the male daily calorie limit. 

So, it’s better to avoid pizzas. However, if your tongue misses pizzas badly, then you can make one at home. At least it would be healthier than the restaurant ones. 

Ice Cream

Image Source: Divascancook.com

First, we banned cakes and cookies. Then we forbid pizzas. Now we’re writing against ice creams. 

It’s okay if you want our heads. We understand that. But this is necessary for losing weight. 

Half cup chocolate ice cream has around 191 calories. And we know that half cup is way low when considering the amount you take while watching Netflix. 

However, half cup zero sugar ice creams have around 98 calories. So, you can try these ice creams once in a while. 

Potato Chips and French Fries

Image Source: Potatochipsmachinery

This is the most common fast food item out there. Most of us think that these are harmless considering their size and appearance.

But these are not. 

Potato chips are pretty high in calorie considering their size. And it’s pretty easy to eat a lot many of these. 

So, avoid taking these in just for snacks. 

Sugary Beverages

Image Source: Caswellmedical.org

1 cup medium fast food coke has 182 calories. Now, tell us how many do you take with a pizza or burger?

Moreover, that’s not even the only drink in your daily quests. Most of us drink up coke instead of water whenever we get thirsty. 

Here’s the thing- 

Even though these drinks are rich in calories, your brain goes Anatoly Dyatlov and says there is no food.

So, these drinks are just the toppings on your regular food calories. Just ignore sugary drinks completely if you want to lose weight. 

White Bread

Image Source: bbc.co.uk

1 slice white bread has 66 calories. So, how many slices do you want to take with your breakfast? How many more do you want to take as snacks? Do you use breadcrumbs to make foods?

Think about these questions and then figure out how many calories you take in just from the bread. 

Remember your daily limit? 

You can try out whole wheat bread instead of refined high-calorie white bread. However, if you want gluten-free bread then you can go for almond flour bread and cornbread. 

Fruit Juices

Image Source: Nanoosh.com

This might be shocking to you. But this is a fact. Some fruit juices are pretty high in calories. 

For example, 1 cup of canned boysenberry juice has 225 calories. Even the unsweetened apple juice has 113 calories in 1 cup. Coke had 182 calories in 1 cup. 

Oh, and fruit juices are also not considered as foods by your brain. 

So, try eating whole fruits instead of fruit juices. Whole fruits have fibers in those. 


Image Source: Insiderguides.com

It’s okay if you drink moderately. Just don’t become a heavy drinker. Most of the alcohols are okay in diets. 

However, keep away from beers. 1 can beer has 154 calories. Instead of beers, you can try out rum in a limited amount. Same goes for vodka. Even wine has a low number of calories compared to beers.

So, whatever alcoholic beverage you like, take it in a limited amount. 

Coffees (Not all of them)

Image Source: Homeconnect.com

Caffeine is really helpful in case of fat burning. But there’s a slight problem. 

Many of us don’t take black coffee. We use creams, milk and sugar to sweeten it. And in this process, we transform this healthy drink into a high-calorie bomb. 

So, avoid adding creamers, sugar, and alcohol in your coffee. Drink black coffee and you’ll be benefited. 

Bottom Line

In the end, we’d like to suggest you follow diet plans. Some of the famous diet plans have even specific recipes. Such an example is the South Beach Diet Plan. This is one of the best diet plans for reducing weights. 

However, if you don’t want all that hassle just avoid these food items and you’ll be fine. Keep on counting your calorie intakes. Manage those intakes properly. 

Good luck.  

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