3 Easy Breakfast Smoothies Recipe For Busy People

Breakfast is the most important meal for our body.

Many people don’t take their breakfast. Cause, they are very busy with their work. they can’t ready their breakfast in a short time.

But, we need more than most calories in the Morning time.

Calories Need:

  Breakfast :     400 Calories  
  Lunch :     300 calories  
  Dinner :     300 calories  
  Snack :     100 calories  

In this, we seeing, how many important, Breakfast for our body.

Breakfast doesn’t increase our fat. Even, breakfast provides our whole day work-energy.

But, We’re losing our work energy every day, by avoiding breakfast.

Don’t worry guys. I’m going to show, 3 easy breakfast smoothies recipe for busy peoples. And these three juice is very tasty and healthy.

So that you can take your breakfast to avoid whole-day calories loss.

This three smoothies recipes ingredient is not fatty.

Every ingredient is natural. and very tasty.

and you can make this recipe in a short time. I hope you will enjoy this three smoothies recipe.

I think You should try this recipe if you want to care about your health.

Which 3 recipes we are going to learn:

  • Smoothies Banana Juice
  • Berry juice recipe
  • Orange juice recipe

Which tools we need must make fast smoothies recipe for busy people.

– Juice Cups.

– Kitchen Knife.

Juicer Machine.

– Filter.

May you can make some smoothies recipe without a juicer. But, you need must juicer machine if you want to make it very fastly and easily. and some ingredient does not blendable without a juicer.

If you want to try it for regularly, you should buy/collect a good juicer machine.

A good juicer can make your recipe, in a very short time, easily, and very smoothies.

Banana Juice:


Banana juice is a tasty and healthy smoothies recipe. Banna is a regular breakfast fruit near many people.

many people like only banana and cake/bread for breakfast.

But it’s better than Banana juice from regular Bananas. Cause, there have included more calorie maker organic ingredient.

Bananas have many health benefits:

– Enough Calories.

– Moderate Blood Sugar

– Weight Loss

– Improving Heart Health

– Many important for who like exercise.

– Diet food

Ingredient :

we need 400 Calories for breakfast. I kept here, 3/4 kind of ingredient for 450 calories.

–  3 Ripe fresh sliced Bananas ( average 300 calories)

– 1 chopped apple ( average 90 calories)

– 1 TSP Honey ( average 20 calories )

–  1/2 Cup of Milk ( average 50 calories )

– water ( optional )

How to make:

– peel out, slice or chop bananas and apple.

– First Pour milk/water into juicer container.

– Add bananas and apple.

– Add honey.

– Make juice and enjoy.

Berry Juice:


Berries juice is a delicious recipe for breakfast.

their main three ingredients are 3 colors of strawberries. which, most tasty fruits.

Not only tasty, but this juice also has many calories and health benefit.

– improving heart health

– Manage Blood sugar

– Cancer prevention

– Many more


Total average calories: 422.

-1 cup fresh raspberries chopped ( average  65 calories).

-1 cup fresh blueberries chopped ( average 85 calories).

-1 cup fresh blackberries chopped ( average 62 calories).

-2 apples chopped ( average 190 calories).

– Honey 1 tsp ( average 20 calories).

how to make:

– wash all strawberries

– Chop (optional, if you have a strong juicer you don’t need chop it. your time will save.)

– Place all ingredients into the juicer.

– Turn on/off juicer until being smoothies.

Orange Juice Recipe:


Orange is the most delicious and flavorful fruit.

Maximum peoples like orange juice.

I have added here more fruit with orange, for different and taste.

Not only for tasty, but I have also kept here many ingredients to fulfill for breakfast.

I hope you will enjoy this particular orange juice.

Let’s start:

Total estimated calories are 400 – 450.


– 1 or 2 Orange ( Estimated 50-80 calories)

– Two lemons ( Estimated 60 calories)

– One small nectarine ( Estimated 60 calories)

– 1 Apple ( Estimated 70 calories)

– A little piece of fresh ginger ( Estimated 30 calories)

– 3-4 medium-size carrots ( Estimated 120 calories)

– 3-4 piece fresh mint ( Estimated ten calories)

– Half cups Freshwater ( 0 calories )

– 1 tsp Honey ( Estimated 20 calories)

How to make:

– Peel out the orange and lemons.

– Collect Juice from lemon and orange.

– Chop the apples, nectarines, ginger, carrots.

– Remove seeds from apple and nectarine.

– Pour some water, honey, lemon & orange juice, into the juicer container.

– Add all ingredient.

– Turn on the juicer, and make your tasty orange juice.

if you want to more items juice for your breakfast.

Put the comment box for your recipes.

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